Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby B--South Orange County, CA. Newborn Photographer

This sweet little guy did NOT want to let go of his pacifier...as long as we let him have it, he was sleepy and content and since he still looked as cute as can be, we went with it!

Tiffany 073_edited-3

His big sister K was like his little Mommy...she didn't want to let him go because she loves him so. 
tiffany 086_edited-2

Tiffany 087_edited-2

The only non-pacifier picture :)
Tiffany 078_edited-2

A mothers love is beautiful....
Tiffany 146_edited-2

A proud daddy with his first son
Tiffany 194_edited-2

The new family of 4
Tiffany 205_edited-2