Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Family Photo Session--San Clemente, CA. Child and Family Photographer

This is my sweet friend Julie...she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Choriocarcinoma maybe a month or so ago. 
Julie Dirpes Faragau 096--edited_edited-3
Right after she started chemo, she asked me to do a photo shoot with her and her family incase she passed away...and before she started to look sick.
Julie Dirpes Faragau 106--edited_edited-3
They have this sweet 2 year old girl and the cutest new 3 month old baby boy...and they had never had family pictures taken with their new son....I was so excited to do this for her...and prayed for a good 20 minutes in my car before the photo session because I wanted to give her the pictures she really wanted to have.
Julie Dirpes Faragau 116--edited_edited-2
I was thrilled to find out that she loved them so much that she cried!

So many are praying for her....her Caring Bridge site can be found here:

If you would, please take time to pray for total healing on this earth....

We all want that for her and her family so much!
Julie Dirpes Faragau 152--edited_edited-2

She is bald now, but totally beautiful, as always....her beauty shines on the inside and out.
Julie Dirpes Faragau 368--edited_edited-2
  Her Caring Bridge site as turned into a ministry for all who read because her faith is incredibly deep, and the Lord is using her in this to do mighty things for His Kindgom.
Julie Dirpes Faragau 391--edited_edited-2

Her entire family, seen below, are all friends I love dearly....I became friends with her brother and her brother's wife before we all have known each other for quite awhile.
Julie Dirpes Faragau 160_edited-3

They are all a blessing to all who know them, and are hurting tremendously at the idea of losing their precious sister, wife, daughter, and mother. 

Please keep this sweet family in your prayers!