Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Maternity Session--Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano, California Maternity Photographer

I LOVE this photo shoot....
Michelle 048--edited

Greg and Michelle are so fun to work with....
Michelle 059--edited clearer

And they are such a CUTE beautiful couple....the camera loves them.
Michelle 055--edited

Michelle is simply stunning...I love the LOVE that sparkles in her eyes!
Michelle 056--edited

I get the pleasure of being her photographer at her baby shower, which is in 2 and a half weeks.  
Michelle 061--edited

And I get to photograph their sweet little guy days after he comes out to greet our world. 
Michelle 064--edited

This is one of my favorites...so pretty and so cute all at the same time!
Michelle 068--edited

And I LOVE these doors.  
Michelle 078--edited love

I coveted the use of them during Christmas photo shoots but behind these doors is a clothing store of all things, and it doesn't close til 5.   
Michelle 086--edited_edited-2

Well, at Christmas, it's dark by 5, so I never got to use them.  
Michelle 082--edited

I do get to use them all summer and fall though, and I plan to...aren't they a beautiful backdrop?! 
Michelle 092--edited

 Especially for a beautiful couple like this one! : )
Michelle 098--edited_edited-1

My heart melts to see the new Daddy loving on his baby before it's born...
Michelle 099--edited_edited-1

Michelle 102--edited

And I love this one...especially with both their wedding rings showing...how the black looks against the wood backdrop, her round perfect belly, and her hair coming down the sides...and that it matches the wood...I LOVE it!
Michelle 112--edited

Michelle 131--edited

Michelle 124--edited

They had their wedding pictures taken in-front of this door two years ago...so how sweet it is to have a maternity pictures in-front of it two years later!  Surely, we will do their first family Christmas picture in-front of it this fall/winter!
Michelle 156--edited

I love the banner she made with their little guy's name on it...and this little "house" is actually a museum.
Michelle 040--edited

We thought it was SO pretty, so we stopped to take some there.
Michelle 008--edited

The place where we were at had a ton of areas to choose from...definitely a photographers haven.
Michelle 011--edited

And these little blocks?  The shoes?  SO SWEET!
Michelle 007--edited

We can't wait to meet you little Dylan...but until then, rest and grow in your mama's belly so you can be a  strong healthy boy when you come out : )
As a personal sidebar, I have to say that I LOVE my new job.  

Not only do I get to create beautiful memories for people but while I do that, I also get to have fun, meet new people, enjoy photographing close friends, and get a break from my everyday--all while spending time outside in beautiful places....I don't know if it gets better than this....having a hobby for a job ROCKS.  

I am SO grateful that the Lord gave this to me, and I promise to enjoy it and cherish it for as long as He allows me to have it!