Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3rd Newborn Photo Shoot--South Orange County Newborn Photographer

This is Baby C...
Smith 619--edited 11_edited-1

He was born on February 4th, and I took his pictures yesterday...
Smith 066--edited 1_edited-1

Even though newborns are best photographed within the first 10 days, and he was just about 4 weeks old, he is still just as cute as can be!
Smith 056--edited 2

Though he was definitely more challenging because he was very aware of what we were doing and had an opinion about everything, I learned a lot and it was great experience....two things that are necessary if I want to eventually become a professional photographer!
Smith 031--edited 8

He wanted nothing to do with life without a pacifier, so we would pull it out and get this face as he frantically searched for it. : )
Smith 068--edited 8

I could snap a few, give it back, wait a minute, take it away, snap a went on for hours.
Smith 133--edited 13

I think we got some good ones considering how challenging it was and how new I am to all this....
Smith 217--edited 16

at least that is my biased opinion ; )
Smith 220--edited 12

Smith 150--edited 10

I {heart} newborn feet....they are scrumptious!
Smith 083--edited 9

Smith 061--edited 8_edited-1

After he ate, he became a little more content to not have the pacifier for longer periods of time...but we still had to do the in and out thing : )
Smith 211--edited 19

He is quite a wiggle was almost as if he knew I wanted him to sit still...and so he purposely didn't just to show me who was in charge! ; ) LOL
Smith 212--edited 18

Smith 298--edited 20

After a lot of moving, he finally got sleepy....
Smith 311--edited 22

Smith 303--edited 21

Smith 385--edited 23

Ahhhh...asleep without the pacifier!
Smith 347--edited 22

This is the new big sister.....
Smith 414--amazing chloe!_edited-1

she is SUCH a doll.
Smith 421--edited 5

just as cute and as sweet as can be....all I had to do to make her smile was bring a bag of Skittles! : )
Smith 422--edited 4_edited-1

And this is the big brother....Gavin's friend from baseball.  All I needed to do to make him smile was bring red vines...these sweetly adorable children are easy to please!
Smith 002--edited 3

The 3 "S family" kiddos...what a blessing they are to all who know and love them!
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